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    HEY GUYS!!! It’s been a little over a week but I am back! I wanted to share what my favorite items this winter has been so far. Well technically most people would say Houston really doesn’t have a winter, but lets not get into that lol. What we will get into is how this bipolar weather has been really messing with my skin. 

     So last week Wednesday as I was driving to work and listening to my favorite morning radio station (The Breakfast Club) I took a glance at my self in the rearview mirror only to notice how dry my skin was. I mean guys no exaggeration; it was literally patches of white flakes on my forehead, cheeks and chin, basically my t-zone area. It was so weird to me because I generally have oily skin especially in those areas. I didn’t do anything outside of my normal morning skincare regimen, so what could be causing this??? Finally I figured it must be the sudden changes in weather. No problem, when I get home I "gots" something for this!!!

    This winter I am so in love with the Laneige water sleeping mask and the Soap Girl Oatmeal + Honey Feed Your Face Mask. I purchased the Laneige mask months ago from Target and was only using it here and there, only because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to sticking with my regimen. However, I've been using it twice a week since my patchy dry skin episode and it has made the world of a difference in my skin.  This mask is all about water hydration, which is a plus for anyone with oily skin. It’s the perfect mask when you need an intensive moisturizing treatment because it won’t leave you oily like most moisturizers. After cleaning and applying your toner apply this mask overnight and wake up to a refreshed and hydrated skin. I also appreciate the fact that the mask brightens the skin overtime, which I noticed the next morning and its very soothing to the skin. 
    The Soap Girl Mask, I purchased from Whole Foods randomly. What attracted me to this purchase was that the ingredients were certified organic and wild harvested. Also because I’ve done lots of DIY mask and wanted to see if this could be a good replacement. I use this particular mask once a week and I would say it works perfectly with the Laniege mask being that extra step during the harsh winter months.

    This toner is my holy grail (insert emoji praise hands). I have tried so many toners and they always leave my skin dry and burned after a couple uses. For anyone with sensitive skin this is the toner for you. It's free of harsh chemicals and alcohol, it rids your face of any impurities and for me I noticed it helps to shrink my pores. This is also a great hydrating toner, as the first ingredient listed is Aqua!!! You can purchase this toner almost anywhere.

    Currently my favorite bag, I get so many compliments when I wear this bag. It literally goes with everything and it’s so convenient. Gucci was actually one of the first designer labels I fell in love with when I was old enough to understand what a designer bag was. However in my opinion these past couple years Gucci has been slacking, but now they are back with a vengeance and I am loving it. 


    P.S leave a comment below letting me know what you do for dry skin, I would love to get some ideas from you too

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