• A New Christmas Eve
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    Christmas this year was so busy, I still have more shopping to do after today but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the reason for the season.This year I decided to start a new family tradition at my house. A Christmas Eve dinner! If you follow me on Snap Chat and Instagram you got to see what was on the menu, if you didn’t that means you need to follow me!
    Dinner today was inspired by my good friend Crystal Obi, who is also a blogger. Her blog features Nigerian American Fused recipes, and they are all so yummy. If you are looking for some new, flavor packed recipes I strongly encourage you to check out kegoskitchen.comCrystal and I love to randomly get together and have cooking sessions. One day I called and told her that I was craving lamb, she did her creative culinary stuff she does and the rest was history. One of the perks I get being friends with Crystal. 

    During my maternity leave I explored alot with all types of herbs while cooking. And one of the intresting herbs that is included in this recipe is mint! Who would have ever thought that lamb and mint leaves go perfectly together. I've got to get Crystal to post this recipe on her blog because this is definetly worth yall trying out!

    The lobster and crab maccaroni and cheese recipe I got off Pinterest. And yes I said Lobster and crab, adding the crabs was my idea. I cooked the lobster shell in with the cheese sauce to get more flavor. Learned that from Crystal too!

    We had nine cheese scallop potatoes and for veggies, mozzarella and spinach stuffed mushrooms and asparagus sprinkled with grated parmasean. I think its safe to say that this girl is a cheese lover. 


    Crystal obih
    January 2nd, 2017 10:20 pm
    Aww thank you Bev !! Great post
    January 3rd, 2017 3:20 am
    Everything looks yummy, we love lamb! Good job Momma SJ!
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