• Track Suit + Ball = Fun at the Park
    BABY JOI / March 28th, 2017 3:34 pm     A+ | a-

    SJ and I got to enjoy playing ball in the city center near our home over Spring Break. Here are some pictures from our fun day in the sun!

    The back story behind SJ outfit and ball, is that her track suit was purchased by Uncle Phil for her 1st birthday.  The sneakers she’s had for a while now and the ball was literally given to her for free at the Adidas store. SJ is always getting so much attention whenever we go out. People always want to give her food, toys, etc. I always feel so bad when I have to reject the food but I just think that’s kind of weird.

    Anyway I just thought that it was pretty interesting that she had on all Adidas even down to the ball, because honestly I typically wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on an Adidas ball, no offense.

    SJ Outfit
    Track Suit: Adidas
    Ball: Adidas
    Shoes: Adidas
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