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    So I am totally excited to link up with Leilani to bring you guys our first giveaway!!! Leilani has a YouTube channel where she does make up tutorials and shares her favorite make up products. Her channel is really cute of course or else I wouldn’t be linking up with her lol... jk. But jokes aside I consider myself to be pretty good at doing my make up and I’ve actually learned a couple of things from her, especially in the eye shadow department. And as you know I’m very new to this blogging world and so is she so this is just our special way of saying THANK YOU for all the support thus far!!!

    Leilani did create a video on her YouTube channel about why she chose each product in her part of the giveaway, so head to her channel to find out why. 

    The products in my part of the giveaway are:

    Laneige Hydration Trial Kit (6 pieces): I talked about The Water Sleeping Mask in My Winter Faves: Dry Skin Go To blog post so I thought it would be cool for you guys to try out the whole hydration line. 

    Ardell Natural and Glamour Lashes: Usually my choice of lashes. 

    Simple Exfoliating Facial wipes: I been using these wipes for almost two years now. I like them because they’re really moist and really efficient in removing most of my make up. 

    Maybeline The Colassal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara: Honestly I bought this because @makeupshayla endorse this mascara. I trust her word and opinion and it really gets the job done when you’re not in the mood to wear lashes. 

    Here are the rules to qualify to win:

    1. Subscribe to my blog amazingjoi.com by entering you first name, last name, and email in the pop up box.

    2. Subscribe to Leilani's YouTube: Leilani Lealaimatafao and if your subscriptions are not public you can put them to be public so she can see your subscription or you can comment under her video letting her know that you subscribed. 

    3. For extra points follow both of our IG pages: @myamazingjoi and @leilaniorange
    We will announce the winners next week. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!!!

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